101 Dalmations

101 Dalmations

Hundred day

Hundred day
Polka Dots galore

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Suess's Birthday

March 2nd is Dr. Suess's birthday. At my darling grand kids school it is a big day. They sell Cat in the Hat hats and have a big party. Naturally Lucy need a new outfit for the occasion. I was so luck to find Dr. Suess fabric that just came out. She is really excited to have a outfit for the day. Sophie's still fits from last year. Poor baby is upset. She has to wear a outfit twice. I think I have created a little monster here. I think the fabric is really cute.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun & Funky

Now that Sophie is getting older she wants her clothes to be more fun and funky. I made her some decoupage jeans. I used some scraps of fabric and embroidered some peace sign in metallic thread on them. The shirt is embroiderd with peace signs, flowers and love. I added some bling to both the jeans and tee shirt. Shopie love decoupage jeans. They are so simple and can cover holes or even lengthen them.

Monday, February 14, 2011

100 and counting

Well the hundreth day of school arrived. I needed to do a outfit for Lucy as this is a big event in kindergarten. Sophie had a skirt with a 100 polka dots. I had to do something a little differant this year. I decided to go with a 100 buttons. I did a red twirly skirt and sew on 75 buttons. The other 25 went on a white tee shirt. All I had available in a tee shirt to fit Lucy was a short sleeve. With the extreme cold here I knew that would not do. I had some red knit left from some red tights I had made. It was perfect to add on to the sleeves. I tied the buttons on with embroidery floss and left little tails. I think it turned out cute. Lucy was very happy with it.